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With the support of Arrow Leasehold Management we are also able to provide a range of training and consultancy services to both existing leasehold management companies and individual leaseholders.

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Leasehold Services & Block Management

arrow Leasehold Services & Block Management

Pinfold Property Services is working with Arrow Leasehold Management to provide a full residential block property management and advisory service to Residential Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, Investment Companies, Developers and individual leaseholders.

Arrow Leasehold Management is a privately owned independent company specialising in residential block and property management in Essex and London. Pinfold Property Services has chosen Arrow Leasehold Management as their preferred partner for supplying these services due to their three core values. These are:

• honesty
• transparency
• communication

These three core values are at the heart of their property management service.

By working in close partnership Pinfold Property Services can bring the benefits of this London based company to the north.
The founder and Managing Director of Arrow Leasehold Management is Bernadette Rose. She has worked in the professional field of property and leasehold services for 25 years the last 12 of which have been at director level.
Bernadette is passionate about customer service and she is committed to ensuring that the best possible services are provided by the team that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

What makes Arrow Leasehold Management different?

Leasehold management is a fast growing sector, and Arrow Leasehold Management are proud of its clear and ethical approach to services:

• Arrow do not take any commission on the contract services provided and there are no hidden costs. Most managing agents receive a commission for arranging the buildings insurance, utility contracts and maintenance but Arrow use this to negotiate the price down to achieve maximum savings for clients without compromising services.

• Arrow do not charge a minimum overall management fee for the development/block which means small blocks are not penalised. Equally, if the development is large i.e. in excess of 100 units Arrow will offer a price that reflects this economy of scale. Arrow’s fees are clear, straightforward and easy to understand.

• Arrow are so confident in its services they offer all its clients a no quibble guarantee in the management agreement that gives the option to terminate the contract with just six months’ notice.

• Arrow carry out comprehensive estate inspections once a month by a named officer and dates are publicised 6 months in advance.

This is what some clients have had to say about their experience of Arrow Leasehold Management:



Caroline Thomas, RMC Director
"I was lucky enough to meet Bernie at a network meeting, at a time when as a leaseholder, I was very unhappy with the service that I was receiving from the existing property management company. Bernie showed us how they work, the significant cost savings, and how differently the property would be managed as a result of them taking over. Bernie and Grant also showed incredible diligence and tenacity in investigating the legalities of removing the incumbent provider, and helping a bunch of very disgruntled leaseholders makes positive changes. We are delighted to have Arrow looking after our properties and look forward to seeing the output as a result of Arrow Leasehold Management taking over the management contract. If you are a disgruntled leaseholder, and are unhappy about the service you are receiving from your existing property management company OR are a property portfolio holder who are looking for a property management company, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bernie, Grant and Arrow Leasehold management!."



Chris & Maggii Edwards, Leaseholder
“Fantastic saving on the insurance over 50%, Arrow got the entire development free cavity wall and loft insulation and they do what they say they are going do. I have been very impressed with what they have done since Arrow took over”



Cleo Kedros, Leaseholder
Thank you to Arrow for your tireless work on my behalf dealing with my devastatingly and frustrating irresponsible landlord to achieve the reduction to the absurdly high sinking fund percentage from 1% to the more reasonable level of 0.33%, this has saved 10s of thousands for many leaseholders on my development. You never gave up. I thank you so much for persevering so persistently and for so long in spite of the reluctance of both my landlord and the trade body they are members of. I admire your patience and tolerance and I simply could not have achieved this outcome on my own. I would highly recommend Arrow Leasehold Management.



Stuart York, Director/Leaseholder
“Bernadette, as representative of Arrow Leasehold Management, has helped turn around the management of the area where I live. Bernie has been conscious of the needs of the leaseholders and landlords and has made several significant savings for the residents while improving all services and efficiencies on the estate”



Nick Boreham, RTM Director
"Thank you for all your support when we were setting up the RTM Company and in the management services you delivered. I would gladly provide a reference to any perspective new clients. I'd like to wish you every success for the future with Arrow Leasehold Management. It is a pleasure working with you”


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